TRAIN TO BUSAN Sequel On It’s Way?!

Looks like Yeon Sang-ho is reportedly writing a sequel to Train to Busan called Peninsula (working title)! Details are slim for the moment but production is expected to get underway in the first half of next year. This news comes to us via producer Pierce Conran over on Twitter who wrote: “Yeon Sang-ho is reportedly writing […]

‘What Keeps You Alive’ Clip Feels the Pain of Betrayal

In Colin Minihan‘s festival hit What Keeps You Alive, a female married couple (Hannah Emily Anderson and Brittany Allen) are pitting against one another during their one year anniversary. We have a brand new clip from the film in which Allen’s character feels the pain of betrayal, both physically and emotionally. Trace Thurman reviewed the film out of the fest and declared it […]

‘Castle Rock’ and The Trouble With Easter Eggs

On the importance (and difficulty) of untangling the Stephen King-inspired show from its source material. I love the works of Stephen King. I’ve planned a Loser’s Club-inspired tattoo, set a countdown to Castle Rock on my phone, and am steadily making my way through the series of well-loved ‘80s paperbacks that I spent most of […]