A Prayer Before Dawn review – grim, primal prison drama

French director Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire adapts English addict and boxer William “Billy” Moore’s 2014 memoir about the three years he spent in Chiang Mai and Klong Prem, two of Thailand’s toughest prisons. A Prayer Before Dawn borrows its name from the book, though the source material’s subtitle, A Nightmare in Thailand, would be more fitting. Joe […]

Generation Wealth review – decline of the American empire

“Society acquires its greatest wealth in the face of death.” This is the line that Lauren Greenfield’s documentary pursues, suggesting that the decadence of 21st-century America has the country heading the way of the Roman empire’s fallen hedonists. Interviewees, all of whom Greenfield has photographed over the last 25 years, share their thoughts on money, […]